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3.3-V Optical Transceivers Fit Several Protocols And Form Factors

Members of a new family of 3.3-V optical transceivers come in a variety of common protocols, including Fast Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet. Five different form-factor styles are offered as well: an industry-standard 1-by-9 transceiver equipped for the SC connector, a hot-pluggable gigabit interface converter (GBIC) for the SC connector, a small form-factor (SFF) transceiver for the LC connector, a double-density dual-port GBIC that combines two LC optical transceivers into the standard GBIC module, and highly miniaturized small-format transceivers that fit into the body of a standard RJ-45 shell. All of these 3.3-V optical transceivers are available now. The 1-by-9 model costs under $90, the GBIC device is priced under $125, the SFF transceiver goes for under $105, and the dual-port GBIC costs under $225. All prices are for 1000-unit quantities.

Methode Optoelectronic Products, Sales Department, 7444 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706; (708) 867-9600; fax (708) 867-9130; www.methode.com/33volt.

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