Electronic Design

75-Ω Video Driver IC Designed For Low-Power Portable Devices

Models in the TK154xx family of video line-driver ICs come with a fixed gain of 6 dB and a built-in 75-Ω driver. SAG, Y-C mixing, analog switching, superimpose, tristate outputs, standby-mode operation, and multiple channel combinations are available for design flexibility. These drivers also only require external capacitors for operation, greatly reducing the external component count. Powered from a single 5-V supply, they operate between −25°C and 75°C. Their manufacturer says that they are suitable for monitors, LCD projectors, VCRs, video cameras, digital cameras, CCD cameras, video-editing equipment, and multimedia PCs. Available in a variety of miniature packages, including the small SOT-23L-8, sample prices start at $1.25 each for surface-mount components.

Toko America Inc., 1250 Feehanville Dr., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056; (847) 297-0070; fax (847) 699-7864; e-mail: [email protected]; Internet: www.tokoam.com.

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