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Bob Pease Is Leaving National, But Not Electronic Design

The rumors are true. National Semiconductor’s sweeping layoff plans include Bob Pease. But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving Electronic Design. He is one of the inaugural members of our Engineering Hall of Fame and the most popular columnist on our staff. We will continue to present his latest musings—whether they’re on the best way to get more power out of your next design, responding to questions from readers, or recalling his latest adventure in far-off lands. We consider it a privilege and an honor to carry his byline. His e-mail address may change, but rest assured that Bob will still get the “last word” in every issue of Electronic Design.

In fact, we want to hear from you if you’re a fan of Bob’s wit and wisdom. Is his column the first page you turn to in every issue? Would you like to see more of his work online, through blogs or even video? Maybe you’d like to see him in person at some road shows. Leave us a note through the commenting box below or send us an e-mail. Analog engineering isn’t dead, not by a long shot. Just take a look at Bob’s column from last fall—“What’s All This Analog Engineering Stuff, Anyhow?” And we’re committed to bringing you the best ideas that the industry—and Bob—have to offer.

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