Electronic Design

Class D Controller IC Achieves 90% Efficiency

The ZXCD1000 Class D switching-amplifier controller IC combines high efficiency with audio quality, small size, and low cost per watt. It provides 90% efficiency in a thermally enhanced 16-pin package. Also, it boasts a typical 0.2% open-loop THD+N, or typically less than 0.1% with a 10-dB feedback loop, both taken at 90% power full-band. Included reference designs remove the layout and design difficulties typically associated with Class D amplifiers. These designs are available with up to 100-W rms output power. Due to the IC's design and accompanying MOSFET H-bridge circuitry, no dead-time correction is necessary. This results in minimal production of high-order crossover artifacts, ensuring audio quality. Pricing is $1.50 in 10,000-unit lots. Samples and startup quantities are available from stock. Production volumes are available from six to eight weeks.

www.zetex.com; (631) 360-2222

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