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CMOS Instrumentation Amp Features Rail-To-Rail Output

The INA155 is a CMOS instrumentation amplifier with rail-to-rail output optimized for low-voltage, single-supply operation in high-volume computer, communications, consumer, and automotive applications. It's also designed for use in more traditional industrial sensor amplifiers and in medical equipment. Key specifications include a rail-to-rail output swing within 10 mV, a low offset voltage of ±500 µV, a low offset drift of ±3 µV/°C, a low input bias current of 1 pA, and a wide input range (within 300 mV). Gain can be set to 10 V/V or 50 V/V by pin strapping. Gains between 10 and 50 can be obtained with an external resistor. And, the INA155 is fully specified over a +2.7- to +5.5-V supply range. Priced from $0.95 in 5000-unit quantities, it's available in MSOP-8 and SO-8 surface-mount packages. Delivery is from stock.

Burr-Brown Corp., 6730 Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85706; (520) 746-1111; fax (520) 746-7401; www.burr-brown.com.

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