Electronic Design

Delay Lines Clarify Long-Distance Keyboard Video

Essex, England: Four triple analogue delay lines for video signals, developed by Intersil, provide clear video images at distances up to 300 metres for keyboard-video mouse applications. Apps include those for offices, banks, supermarkets, or classrooms, or any video carried over long distances of inexpensive twisted-pair cable.

The ISL59920, ISL59921, ISL59922, and ISL59923 triple analogue delay lines provide skew compensation between three highspeed signals. They are suitable for compensating for the skew introduced by a typical CAT-5, CAT-6, or CAT-7 cable (with differing electrical lengths on each twisted pair) when transmitting analogue video.

The delay lines enable users to meet a variety of bandwidth and transmission-length requirements using a single cost-effective design solution. The entire family is footprint-compatible with Intersil’s EL9115 silicon delay line product. Now users have a choice of bandwidths, ranging from 150MHz up to 230MHz, which increases the range of video resolutions that can be handled up to UXGA and 1080p. The new family also has a reduced offset of ±25mV.

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