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Digital I/O Card Shaves Cost Off Mixed-Signal IC Testing

The LCDI0 card from Third Millennium Test Solutions (3MTS) cost-effectively tests the digital portion of mixed-signal ICs. This open-architecture, reconfigurable automatic-test-equipment (ATE) card plugs into slots 3 through 10 of the company's 3M20 backplane to provide digital test resources for 16 I/O pins and one clock pin, as well as many as 16 drive channels for input pins (see the figure). Operating in the −2- to 7-V range with under 10-mV resolution, it offers two programmable levels (DRH, DRL) shared among all drive channels.

This new instrument supports NRZ, RZ, RTO, RTC, and COM formats. As many as 16 compare channels for output pins are incorporated, along with two programmable threshold levels (CVH, CVL) shared among all compare channels. Each channel's response can be compared to predetermined expect-data. Each channel can be statically or dynamically masked from failures and will provide 256 capture memory locations to store failures or responses. Channel strobes are edge-based; there are no windowed strobes.

Three fine-resolution timing generators and three coarse timing generators are also included. Any edge on any channel can select any one of the six timing generators, using the indexed timing set. Timing sets are indexed on-the-fly per vector cycle.

The LCDIO starts at approximately $400 per pin, with capacity for up to 64 pins in 3MTS' 3M20 tester.

Third Millennium Test Solutions Inc.
Rick Humphrey, (408) 435-1788

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