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Fully Differential Amplifiers Claim Industry’s Lowest Distortion

Models in the THS450x family of ultra-low-distortion amplifiers can be used to drive the highest-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). According to their manufacturer, these amplifiers feature the industry's lowest distortion, surpassing competitive devices by 10 to 20 dB.

For example, the THS4502 provides fully differential signaling for support of 12- and 14-bit ADCs operating at 80 Msamples/s and beyond. Its third-order intermodulation distortion is −95 dBc, and its third-order output intercept point is 50 dB/mW. With these distortion ratings, the device can provide up to three additional bits of resolution at the same operating frequency.

All of the family's models can shift signalling levels to a new common-mode voltage when necessary. The THS4500 (with power down) and the THS4501 (without power down) can accommodate 0-V ground-referenced input signal voltages when powered by a single 5-V power supply.

These amplifiers, available in an eight-pin SOIC or MSOP package, cost $3.77 in 1000-unit lots.

Texas Instruments

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