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Illuminated Pushbutton Switches Comply With ADA

The LPI series illuminated pushbutton switches from APEM Components comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The switches feature a large actuator surface and light actuation force, and they are well-suited for indoor applications where the pushbutton needs to be located quickly (see the figure). Typical applications include door access controls and personnel lifts. These switches also are ideal for applications where the end-user wears gloves.

The switches were developed on a modular basis, with more than 20,000 possible configurations. There are nine different bezel colors, five LED colors, and illumination in a dot or light-ring configuration. The LEDs are available in 6-, 12-, and 15-V versions. The actuator can be produced with raised crimps, screen printed emblems, or raised molded symbols.

With its 35-mm diameter actuator and an actuation force of less than 1 lb, this series is ideal for ADA-compliant door access applications. The switches have two electrical ratings: 50 mA at 12 V dc and 5A at 12 V dc. They’re provided with either gold or silver contacts, and the low-current version is rated at up to 5 million cycles. Electrical functions include single and double throw in NO and NO/NC configurations.

APEM Components Inc.

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