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Low-Power Comparators Reduce Current-Flow Demands

The members of two new low-power comparator families operate down to 1.6 V with a 600-nA quiescent current. These devices' rail-to-rail operation lets designers use the full voltage range. Typical power usage is 960 nW. The MCP6541 through -44 models are push-pull devices. The MCP6546 through -49 circuits are open-drain devices.

The open-drain models' operating voltage ranges from 5.5 to 1.6 V with a 10-V capability at the output for limited control at voltages higher than the supply voltage. The 10-V capability also eliminates the need for additional components to achieve signal transition from lower to higher voltage stages, saving board space and cost.

Devices from both families are available in eight-pin PDIPs, SOICs, and MSOPs, as well as in 14-pin PDIPs, SOICs, and TSSOPs. The MCP6541 and -46 cost $0.31 each. The single-comparator versions, MCP6543 and -48, cost $0.33. The dual MCP6542 and -47 cost $0.40. And, the quad MCP6544 and -49 cost $0.84. All pricing is for 1000-unit quantities.

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