Mitsubishi Chooses SHARC Processor For Automotive Audio Amp

Mitsubishi Electric has selected Analog Devices’s (ADI) SHARC processor as the digital signal processing engine within its DIATONE DA-PX1 Digital Process Centre, the company’s after-market automotive audio amplifier. By using ADI’s 32-bit, floating-point SHARC digital signal processor in the DIATONE DA-PX1, Mitsubishi Electric says it has pioneered several industry-first audio processing features that yield good sound quality and advanced acoustic equalization.

The DA-PX1 Digital Process Centre employs specialized bit-extended algorithms developed by Mitsubishi Electric for use with the DA-PX1, SHARC’s high precision digital signal processing that decreases quantization noise through 16-to-24 bit micro resolution. SHARC’s floating point architecture also enabled the ability to implement an adjustable finite impulse response (FIR) graphic equalizer, ensuring precise digital filtering and balanced volume control across frequencies.

One of the features within the DA-PX1 Digital Process Centre is its multi-way time alignment technology. Using a algorithm programmed for the on-board SHARC processor, the DA-PX1 dynamically adjusts the signal transmission time to each individual speaker (maximum four speakers) when using two-channel power amplifiers, without disturbing multi-way speakers’ response, ensuring end-to-end control over sound wave dynamics in the vehicle cabin.


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