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Power MOSFET Trims Footprint While Raising Power Dissipation

The ChipFET power MOSFET comes in a 1206 surface-mount package with a footprint that measures 3.05 by 1.80 mm. It occupies about half of the board area required by a leaded TSOP-6. This reduction lets designers shrink power-management circuitry for portable devices, such as cell phones and notebook computers, into half of the space that was previously needed.

Also, the 1206 ChipFET's on-resistance has been cut by 35%, while power dissipation has been raised by as much as 25%. Maximum on-resistance for the single n-channel Si5404DC, for instance, is just 30Ωm, with a 2.5-W power dissipation. The company is offering ten devices in the 8-pin 1206 package. New ChipFETs are available in 8-V, 20-V, and 30-V versions, with operating voltages as low as 1.8 V. Both single and dual devices, including a dual n- and p-channel MOSFET in the same package, are available. Contact the company for pricing information and other specifics.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc., 63 Lincoln Hwy., Malvern, PA 19355-2120; (610) 644-1300; fax (610) 296-0657; e-mail: [email protected]; Internet: www.siliconix.com.

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