Sensible sensors

Analog Devices displayed its capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) and iSensor intelligent sensor families replete with new devices that deliver a combination of high sensitivity, low power, low cost, and small size for sensing applications. The new CDC device provides good power efficiency, sensitivity, response time, and robustness in proximity sensing applications such as automotive remote keyless-entry systems.

Based on the company's iMEMS inertial sensor cores, the pre-calibrated iSensor intelligent sensor devices provide a simplified programmable interface. The sensors are designed for embedded motion analysis and control applications.

"Discrete sensors have a history of being expensive and difficult to implement," said Mike Britchfield, product line director, Precision Signal Processing, Analog Devices. "ADI's CDC and iSensor device families break down the barriers that have kept designers from adding sensing functions to their system designs due to cost and excessive power consumption."

Unlike solutions that use optical sensors, which can be power-hungry, the AD7150 consumes 90 µA, resulting in a 70% power savings.

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