Wideband 900MHz Amplifier Protects ADCs

Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany: National Semiconductor Corp. launched what it claims is the industry’s first wideband 900MHz fully differential amplifier to include a programmable output limiting clamp for protecting analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and other downstream circuitry from overvoltage events.

The LMH6553, which operates over the -40ºC to 125ºC temperature range, is suited to processing wide dynamic-range signals in automotive safety applications, including collision avoidance, lane departure, and backup warning systems. A member of NSC’s PowerWise family of energy-efficient products, the LMH6553 features 900MHz unity-gain bandwidth while operating on only 29 mA of supply current.

In addition, NSC arms designers with a variety of signal-path solutions by pairing the LMH6553 with one of more than 40 differential input 8bit to 14bit ADCs featuring sampling rates up to 1GSPS. These ADCs include the ADC08D1000, ADC10080, ADC12C170, and ADC14DS105.

See related figure.

TAGS: Automotive
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