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Development Platform Enables More Android Haptics

Development Platform Enables More Android Haptics

The MOTIV Development Platform automates haptic integration into the Android OS and allows OEMs and application developers to create unique user experiences with tactile feedback.  The first development platform of its kind, MOTIV provides the mobile ecosystem with access to tactile interfaces, ushering in a new era of customizable touch effects to drive next-generation user interfaces and keep end users further distracted from real-world events. The platform is comprised of two key elements: the MOTIV Integrator for OEMs and the MOTIV SDK for application developers. MOTIV Integrator offers a unique set of modules that provide build-time integration options for OEMs that automatically add haptics into the Android UI and applications. Importantly, it provides an easy way to customize the overall tactile feel of the device. The UI Module integrates haptics into the Android OS user interface within a matter of minutes, eliminating engineering cycles. It inserts haptics into Android’s user interface through its view and notification frameworks. Additionally, the UI Module provides a tailored experience by allowing users to adjust and personalize haptic effects to keep them further preoccupied. Other features include the Theme Manager Module that allows OEMs to select from a list of haptic themes and the Reverb Module that automatically inserts haptic feedback into applications by translating audio data into effects. Available perhaps in March, the MOTIV SDK provides an assortment of haptic design resources.  These tools include the API, sample code, effect libraries with over 100 pre-designed effects, reference documentation, and a conversion layer. The MOTIV Integrator is available today. IMMERSION CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 467-1900.

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