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FAST Automated Android Testing

FAST Automated Android Testing

Android platforms and applications are appearing daily. Creating new and reliable software is only part of a developer's task. Making sure it is bug free before it ships is critical because the cost to detect and correct problems in the orders of magnitude more difficult and expensive than handing it in-house. Wind River's Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST) is design to target mobile platforms like Android. It can utilizes custom, open source and Wind River-provided tests to check out everything from applications to infotainment software stacks. It can also prove compliance with the Android Compliance Test Suite

FAST technology does not target Android exclusively. It can also handle other platforms like the Linux-based Moblin. In fact, FAST handles the following test suites:

FAST can incorporate these and other tests into a test hierarchy allowing a test plan to check all aspects or a subset. A pug-in architecture allows custom test enhancements. Wind River provides a range of tests including the ability to check Linux RPM packages. The system provides a command line as well as web-based graphical interface. A nightly execution report can provide results via the web-based user interface. Test results are stored in a MySQL database

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