Enea Backs Freescale Multicore Technology

Stockholm, Sweden: Enea plans to offer software support for Freescale Semiconductor's new 64-bit e5500 core, along with the 64-bit P5020 and P5010 products and 32-bit P3041 device. The offerings will focus on the Enea OSE Multicore Edition, its hybrid real-time operating system that supports a wide range of multicore processing models, and the Enea Optima tools suite optimised to develop and debug multicore systems.

There’s also a range of complementary software, including high-availability, data-management, and network protocols. Enea’s software combined with Freescale's latest multicore communications processors will create an integrated platform for telecom equipment manufacturers to build next-generation equipment, such as high-performance routers and switches, Long Term Evolution radio access nodes, and radio network controllers.

Freescale recently announced the latest additions to its QorIQ family. The quad-core QorIQ P3041 processor leverages the advanced feature set of the P4 family while providing power optimization for lower-end solutions. This leads to an expanded range of product designs.

In the P5020 and P5010, Freescale introduces the e5500 core—its first 64-bit processor based on Power Architecture embedded technology scalable up to 2.2GHz within a 30W power envelope. The highly integrated P5020 and P5010 devices target next-generation embedded applications that demand high performance.

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