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The Center for Global Electronic Commerce at Virginia Tech is now open. It aims to help businesses develop expertise in electronic commerce while promoting research and education in this field. Faculty members will contribute their expertise in information technology systems, management, accounting, marketing, and the law. According to director Janine Hiller, the center will seek "to respond to the need for training in implementing and managing e-commerce businesses, to promote interdisciplinary research on business and the Internet, and to design a curriculum for e-commerce education."

Experts in business and information technology will host regular seminars and conduct customized strategic planning. Also, the center will plan, implement, and develop online resources. Some future topics will include development and maintenance of customized e-commerce systems, electronic marketing assistance, and legal, regulatory, and ethical awareness.

The University of Notre Dame's Center for Nanoscience and Technology has opened. Researchers can freely explore the potential for new nanoscience-based applications and industries at the center's cutting-edge facilities. Industry leaders will investigate long-range ideas that aren't necessarily ready for near-term commercialization. Students will receive training preparing them for today's competitive marketplace.

The center is staffed by researchers from the university's electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, and physics departments. Currently, it's engaged in quantum-based devices and architectures, high-speed resonant-tunneling devices and circuits, photonic ICs, and other initiatives. Soon, its efforts will include the interaction of biological systems with nanostructures and the design and fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

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