Auto Electronics



Physics of Failure Durability Simulations Accelerate Development and Improve Reliability and Safety of Automotive Electronics

Automotive electronics systems are becoming increasing complex and essential to the proper and safe operation of cars and trucks as vehicle controls for basic operation and safety...

The V6 PLM: Dassault’s Systems-Engineering Assault On Vehicle Design

As Moore’s Law continues to perpetuate, so too does the complexity of vehicular electronics systems

My Computer Seats Six… And Gets 30 Miles To The Gallon

Mobile software management and mobile-virtualization technology pave the way for manufacturers to move from the connected car to the managed car.

Automotive Power Requirements Span From “A Little” To “A Lot”

Leakage currents in key-off mode to high-voltage control for hybrid and electric vehicles spawn a number of new or enhanced power technologies.

MOST Stretches Beyond The Infotainment Boundary

Maturation through updates and modifications could turn MOST150 into the standard of choice for safety-critical applications.

Big Changes Loom In The Automotive Industry

Carmakers are intent on transforming the role of software, customers’ perceptions, and the automotive environment as a whole.