Free online MOSFET thermal-simulation tool

Malvern, Pa., USA: A novel Webbased tool gives designers a detailed simulation of how Vishay Siliconix MOSFETs will perform thermally, and how they will be affected by adjacent components in a range of applications. Called ThermaSim, the tool is powered by Rebecca 3D software from Epsilon Ingenierie. The tool is available free on Vishay Intertechnology’s Web site (

Applicable to any power-MOSFET application, ThermaSim will be useful in high-current, hightemperature applications. These would include automotive, fixedtelecommunications, desktopand laptop-computer, and industrial systems. ThermaSim employs structurally detailed models of Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs created using finite-element-analysis techniques to increase the simulation’s accuracy. Designers also are able to define other heat-dissipating components and simulate their effect on the MOSFET’s thermal operation.

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