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PWM Controller Begets Efficiency

Anovel synchronous PWM control IC is targeted at high-performance, synchronous dc-dc buck applications with an input voltage range up to 75V. With programmable switching frequency up to 400kHz, International Rectifier’s IR3651 suits a range of applications, including telecom and base-station power supplies, networking servers, automotive, and industrial control.

The IR3651, with a pair of IR’s DirectFET MOSFETs, can achieve greater than 88% system efficiency at 48V in and 3.3V out at 6A without a heatsink or airflow. It’s designed to drive a pair of external Nchannel MOSFETs up to 25A.

Protection features such as programmable soft-start, hiccup current limit, and undervoltage lockout are included for required system- level reliability in the event of a fault condition. It also offers synchronisation, which simplifies system-level EMI filter design.

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