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Elegant Sculpture Kills Bugs With An LED, Carbon Dioxide, And A Fan

As summer descends, the concern over annoying and potentially dangerous insects such as mosquitoes escalates. With the threat of known insect-spread viruses, i.e., West Niles, Lyme disease, etc., and the fear of unknown infections, outdoor lovers and home dwellers alike ponder their defense options. These can range from mild sprays and lotions to mixtures one step less potent than Agent Orange.

Well, the war on insects in the home, garden and office, mosquitoes in particular, has a new weapon, one that promises to eliminate the need for toxic chemicals. Acase, partnering with design house Inadays, offers InaTrap. Described as an “elegant way to eliminate mosquitoes and insects without the use of harsh chemicals, propane tanks, or unsightly equipment”, the environment-friendly unit’s patented technology relies on a photo-catalyst reaction and a LED. 

The makers of InaTrap describe it as an elegant and eco-friendly way to exterminate mosquitoes in and out of the home.

A photo-catalyst reaction producing low levels of CO2, similar to human breath, works with an LED producing a soft light and warmth. This combo creates an environment highly attractive to mosquitoes and other insects, luring them into the unit. Once inside, a powerful, whisper-quiet fan blows the insects downward into a trap.

Resembling a mushroom, the porcelain-like sculpture weighs less than three pounds, which makes it easy to move around for both indoor and outdoor use. Other features include an integrated eight-hour timer and an instant touch-operation button. Also, maintenance is a snap. Just dump out the dead bugs when the trap is full and, depending on the level of usage, replace the LED every two years as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Average retail price is $64.95 to 79.95 each.

My personal approach to insect control is fairly straight forward. If I’m outdoors in the insects’ domain, I’m fair game. If they come into my home, my domain, I’ve always been in favor of chemical warfare, opting for the pest strip that warns “Do not place within 1,000 feet of humans and livestock”. But maybe this year I’ll give the InaTrap a try.

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