Your response to my previous blog here, Top Five Reasons Not to Buy an iPad2, was overwhelming. Thanks to all of you who responded, including those of you who can't take a joke. My commentary was just a tongue in cheek backhanded compliment to Apple and the new iPad2. So many of you just didn't get it. It's a blog, it was commentary, but it was factual. It was supposed to be fun.

And for all those who doubt, I really am an Apple fan. I bought my first Mac back in the mid-1980s when they first came out. And I have had a Mac ever since. I don't remember all of them but the latest is our big iMac with 21-inch screen. We also own a Mac Powerbook, two iPods and I am on my second iPhone. And I do iTunes. So don't accuse me of hating Apple.

I will tell you this, however. Apple is very good, better than most in fact, but they are not perfect. I will keep buying Apple products and an iPad is clearly in my future. But there are good alternatives. In fact, there are far more PCs than Apple Macs. Why do you think that is? It's clearly because the PC is an open system and PCs are cheaper. Apple's closed system is very good but has its downsides, price being the biggest. Apple fans put up with it, as I do.

As for what's wrong with iPad2, I say very little. The complaints I hear most are the lack of a Flash player, screen glare, and no USB port. I would love to see a USB port with a print function. You can print to a Wi-Fi enabled printer like some the hp models using the AirPrint feature that comes with the iOS 4.3 update. But not many of us have a wireless printer. Some also want to do MS Office on the iPad but you can't as is. But I understand there are apps for that.

As for the tablet market, Apple will indeed continue to dominate. I for one doubt any one will come up with a tablet as good as the iPad. The Motorola Xoom is pretty good and so is the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has a 10 inch screen in its latest form. Other tablets will be close and that is good enough for many. It all a matter of opinion and what you get used to. I want to see some competition that spurs cost cutting, innovation, and progress in technology. Major announcements are coming and it will indeed be interesting to see what happens. Apple has nothing to worry about.

Finally to several of you who thought I worked for EDN, who's that? Just kidding. I work for Electronic Design of Penton Media Inc. and I am happy to be here.

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