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Isolation Transformers Thwart Killer Street Lights

Ever lean against a city street lamp and get blown away by high voltage? Over course not because you are there reading this. Ever get a nasty shock from the same activity? In either case probably not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Stories abound!

Stray voltages in metal pole streetlights are not completely uncommon and can reach levels high enough to cause serious injury and/or death when touched by humans or animals.  These stray voltages can result from weather damage, general wear and tear, aging, and vandalism. Many older cities, sports complexes, parking lots, marinas, and other installations are experiencing stray voltages in metal pole streetlights.  Enter the isolation transformer, a fairly non-complex solution to what could be extremely costly situations.

Bridgeport Magnetics Group offers its Streetlight Isolation transformers in three standard power ratings: 1200 VA, 2200 VA, and 8000 VA. Custom designs are possible with other power ratings. Standard input and output voltages are 120V/120V and, similarly, other custom voltages are available as well.

Each transformer includes an internal auto-resettable thermal switch and is encased in black epoxy in a 100% waterproof, red resin container with carrying handle. The container secures via a single bolt through a center hole.  A 1200-VA component measures 7.75-inches (196 mm) in diameter and 3.75-inches (96 mm) in height and weighs 16 lbs (7.2 kg).

For price and delivery information, call BRIDGEPORT MAGNETICS GROUP INC., Shelton, CT. at (203) 954-0050 or contact them via email at [email protected] For more technical data, visit the company’s website.


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