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Learn Power-Integrity Test Terms For Free

Multitest, international designer and maker of final test handlers, contactors, and load boards, offers a Signal and Power Integrity Glossary developed by Ryan Satrom. A valuable asset for power designers and power-test specialists alike, the glossary clearly explains major terms and concepts related to power integrity.

Power integrity is described as the discipline of providing clean power to a device under test. Obviously, cleaning up the power source involves minimizing noise on the power-delivery network. With the never-ending proliferation of electronic products, power integrity is becoming one of the biggest challenges in designing test interfaces.

According to Multitest, “the influence of power integrity is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.” As a result, it’s critical for the test community to understand power-integrity issues and sharpen their skills for addressing the challenges of power integrity triggered by test interfaces. More information is available on the company’s website and the glossary is available for download free of charge after you fill out a very short request form. And I guarantee you won’t find any useless terms in the glossary like “hit the ground running” ~MD

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