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Mobile App Summons Steam

This week, steam-shower technology innovators at ThermaSol launched the first mobile app for its proprietary steam-shower systems. Via wireless technology, users will be able to control steam shower systems and equipment maintenance using their cell phones and/or tablets.

When synchronized with an installed module that turns the ThermaSol ProSeries and AF Series generators into a network peripheral, the app allows users to control all system functions including the generator maintenance. You might actually think of this approach as a somewhat advanced version of an appliance timer, for example, setting the on/off times, temperature levels, and fan speeds for an air conditioner. The app enhances the company’s existing innovations that include FastStart technology that provides steam in seconds not minutes, patented SmartSteam that learns an ideal steam room temperature and maintains it throughout the entire steam bathing cycle, completely-digital, fully-networked steam systems, and the first steam showers to include Bluetooth technology.

Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol, says “Our steam shower systems are designed for people to create a highly personalized spa experience at home. The Solitude Mobile Application takes our systems to the next level by allowing users to control every facet of their steam shower (temperature, light, music, maintenance and more) via cell phone or tablet device from anywhere within their home’s Wi-Fi range.”

Compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets, ThermaSol’s Solitude Mobile Application enables remote activation of steam session parameters including time and temperature.

Features of the Solitude Mobile Application include compatibility with a variety of smartphones and tablets, support for multiple users, remote activation of steam session parameters including time and temperature, remote control of light and music settings, and access to all available diagnostic and maintenance features.

The Solitude Mobile Application with the add-on module can communicate with ThermaSol ProSeries and AF Series steam shower systems and is available for download through the iTunes Store and Google Play. It is compatible with iOS 4.3 and up and Android 2.2 and up.

The company also seems to believe this app “is a first for not only the steam shower industry but the residential plumbing industry as a whole.” So, if you are one of the fortunate few that can afford to stew, this app’s for you.

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