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The Secret Of Liquid-Cooled LED Bulbs

Trumpeted as the “best kept secret in the LED market”, SWITCH Lighting’s CEO Tracy Bilbrough has revealed details about the company’s core technology - the LQD Cooling System - for the first time at the LED Show in Las Vegas. The LQD Cooling System is a method of keeping LED light bulbs cool using a liquid silicone coolant. The central nervous system of a LQD Cooling System combines of two proprietary components: a coolant made of liquid silicone and an efficient and reliable driver.

Liquid silicone is no stranger to thermal-management applications from cooling large machinery to being an ingredient in select food and cosmetic products. Reported as being a completely safe, food-grade product, liquid silicone is electrically non-conductive, non-toxic, non-staining, and does not degrade LEDs. Pairing the coolant and drivers, this system works in synchronization to cool the LEDs in the bulb as well as all integral components.

Liquid-cooled SWITCH LED A-Lamps forecast 40% better performance than air-cooled LED lamps.

Employing the system is the company’s SWITCH LED A-Lamps that promise users the best in-class thermal management in the lighting industry. The company claims these bulbs will deliver up to 40% better performance than air-cooled LED lamps. Looking at the component, it’s rather difficult to visually discern the liquid-cooled component from current offerings with integral heatsinks. What do you think?

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