Electronic Design

Differential-Output Sensors Boast Built-In Signal Conditioning

The ASDX series of differential-output sensors combines built-in signal conditioning and space-saving packaging technologies. The sensors have a ±2-V dc output centered around a 2.5-V dc offset. They're fully calibrated and temperature-compensated using an on-board ASIC. The ASDX sensors are accurate to within ±2.0% with a temperature-compensated range of −10°C to 85°C. This ±2.0% accuracy includes the combined errors from offset and span calibration, linearity, pressure hysteresis, and all temperature effects. The devices operate from a single 5-V supply. They're intended for use with noncorrosive, non-ionic working fluids, such as air and dry gases. Typical applications include medical equipment, flow calibrators, and instrumentation. The ASDX sensors are available from stock. Pricing starts at under $20 in 100-piece quantities.

SenSym ICT
www.pressure.invensys.com; (408) 954-6700, ext. 6771

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