Electronic Design

Generator Offers Programmable Noise, CW Waveforms For Comm Testing

The DNG7500 Digital Noise Generator creates programmable, user-specified pseudonoise and CW signal spectrums for emulation of real-world noise and interference in the testing of communications equipment. The instrument's arbitrary waveform generator and proprietary graphical user interface permit user-defined brick-wall noise filtering; bandwidths; stop-bands; tilt, start, and stop frequencies; and power levels. Maximum output bandwidth is 500 kHz to 70 MHz, and resolution is 1-Hz. Output power is 0 dBm.

The unit accepts signals of any type created off-line in MathLab. Users can save files on an internal hard drive. The DNG7500 also features 32 to 256 Mbytes of SDRAM. It has interfaces for a video display, keyboard, and mouse and GPIB and Ethernet ports. Call for price information.

Noise Com
(201) 261-8797; www.noisecom.com

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