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Low-Gravity Inertial Sensors Provide 1200-mV/s Sensitivity

Systems that require detection of small changes in force have a new line of low-gravity (g) inertial sensors, ranging from 1.5g to 8g, at their fingertips. The low-g accelerometers, with a sensitivity of 1200 mV/g, offer signal conditioning, temperature compensation, and zero-g offset. They specifically target end products and embedded systems that require measurement of small forces resulting from shock, vibration, tilt, movement, or acceleration. Included in the family are the MMA1220D (8g, Z-axis sensor), MMA1250D (5g, Z-axis sensor), MMA1270D (2.5g, Z-axis sensor), MMA2260D (1.5g, X-axis sensor), and MMA1260D (1.5g, Z-axis sensor). Z-axis sensing on horizontal pc boards enables full-scale span. The devices include 3D sensing for measuring all possible surrounding points and movements. A self-test capability enables verification of the mechanical and electrical integrity of the accelerometer at any time before or after installation. The sensors' small-profile 16-pin SOIC package is ideal for size-constrained end products and embedded systems. The low-g sensors cost $7.54 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

Motorola Inc.

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