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Low-Voltage MOSFET Family Tackles Telecom,Computing Apps

Based on STripFET III technology, a new line of low-voltage MOSFETs is designed for use on motherboards and in telecom applications. The STripFET III process yields high cell density and channel perimeter. Parts built using this technology have a very low on-resistance (RDS(ON)) for low conduction losses. The process also features a low figure of merit, which enhances switching behavior and optimizes the intrinsic body diode to cut power losses. The family offers low thresholds and a combination of RDS(ON) × QG. Some of the devices also feature low input capacitance. They're designed with special attention to the reverse recovery characteristic of the parasitic body diode, resulting in a QRR value that's 39% less than in previous generations of the MOSFET technology. A low intrinsic resistance (RG) of less than 1.9 Ω helps reduce gate-driving power losses. The MOSFET series includes the STB130NH02L, STD38NH02L, STD90-NH02L, STD100NH02L, and STS25NH3LL devices. The STB130NH02L N-channel MOSFET is used for synchronous rectification in telecom or computing dc-dc converters. Available in a TO-263 D2PAK surface-mount package, it offers a VDSS of 20 V, an RDS(ON) of 0.0034 Ω at 10 V, and a continuous drain current of 90 A. The STD38NH02L features an RDS(ON) of 0.011 Ω at 10 V and a continuous drain current of 38 A. This part comes in a DPAK package for use in high-efficiency dc-dc converter applications. With a VDSS of 20 V, the STD90NH02L also features an RDS(ON) of 0.0052 Ω at 10 V and a continuous drain current of 60 A. The part is available in a TO-252 DPAK surface-mount package. The STD100-NH02L is similar to the STD90NH02L but offers an RDS(ON) of 0.0038 Ω at 10 V and a continuous drain current of 60 A. The STS25NH3LL is a 30-V MOSFET with an RDS(ON) of 0.0027 Ω at 10 V and a continuous drain current of 25 A. Pricing ranges from $0.38 to $0.70 per unit in quantities of 50,000 units.

STMicroelectronics Inc.
www.st.com/stripfet; (781) 861-2650

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