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1 Gsample/s DDS And QDU Accelerate Wireless Apps

Both operating at speeds up to 1 Gsample/s, the AD9910 complete direct digital synthesizer (DDS) and AD9957 quadrature digital upconverter (QDU) offer features that promise faster wireless designs. Debuting as the industry's first 1 Gsample/s DDS with a 14-Bit d/a converter, the AD9910 features fast programming through its 250-MHz, 16-bit data port and delivers analog output frequencies to 400 MHz. Power dissipation is 700 mW at full operating speed. Other features include a 32-bit tuning word, phase noise less than or equal to –123 dBc/Hz at 1-kHz offset (400-Mhz carrier), narrowband SFDR greater than 80 dB, serial I/O control, automatic linear and nonlinear frequency sweeping, eight frequency/phase offset profiles, a PLL REFCLK multiplier, 1.8V and 3.3V operation, software and hardware controlled power-down, and 1,024 word x 32-bit RAM. The AD9957, introduced as the first 1 Gsample/s QDU, receives quadrature (I/Q) data at its input and outputs a modulated, mixed, and converted analog signal for transmission. Features include an analog output up to 400 MHz, a 1-Gsample/s, 14-bit d/a converter, 250-MHz I/Q data throughput rate, phase noise of less than or equal to –123 dBc/Hz (400-MHz carrier), narrowband SFDR greater than 80 dB, eight programmable profiles for shift keying, reference clock multiplier, and integrated RAM. The AD9910 is available in a 100-lead TQFP/EP and AD9957 in a 100-lead TQFP. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 426-2564.


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