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10-Gb Ethernet PHY And Backplane Transceiver Integrates FEC

Assuming position as the industry's first 10-Gb Ethernet PHY and backplane transceiver with integrated forward error correction (FEC) on every channel, the MY3104 provides four full-duplex channels operating at speeds up to 3.125 Gb/s. The PHY/transceiver combo is based on the company's enhanced encoding scheme, which is said to improve the bit error rate (BER) to better than 10 to17 in harsh backplane environments. The device also includes a unique signal quality index (SQI) function that continuously reports received signal quality, allowing link parameters to be tuned in response to changing environmental conditions. A by-pass mode allows the device to operate in 8B/10B mode, making it compliant with the interoperability requirements of the 10-Gb Ethernet networking standard. Other features include an optional mode for enhanced 8B/10B encoding, five programmable link parameters, pre-emphasis, amplitude and impedance in the transmitter, adaptive equalization and impedance in the receiver, and selectable operating modes for 10-Gb Ethernet, Infiniband, Fibre Channel, and Custom Mode. Power consumption is 1.1W in 8B/10B mode or 1.6W in FEC mode. Targeted applications include enterprise switches, high-end routers, storage area networks (SANs), metropolitan area networks (MANs), and wireless basestations. Fabricated in a standard 0.15 µm CMOS process and offered in a 256-ball BGA package, samples are available now and pricing is $95 each in limited quantities. MYSTICOM, Mountain View, CA. (650) 210-8080.


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