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10 Gb Ethernet PHY Fits On A Single Chip

A single-chip 10 Gb Ethernet PHY IC for next-generation MANs, the TETH0110G is said to significantly reduce component count while increasing performance and functionality. Designed to the emerging IEEE 802.3ae specification for serial LAN physical layer devices, the chip converts 10 Gb/s serial data into four 3.125 Gb/s serial lanes via the 10 Gb attachment unit interface (XAUI). The TETH0110G integrates a 10 Gb/s multiplexer with a 10 GHz clock output, 10 Gb/s demultiplexer with CDR and limiting amplifier, 64-bit/66-bit encoder/decoder, 8-bit/10-bit SERDES with CDR and lane-to-lane synchronization, MDIO, programmable link alarm status and I2C bus interface. In addition, the chip supports the XENPAK MSA. Pricing is $250 each/10,000. AGERE SYSTEMS, Allentown, PA. (800) 372-2447 Dept. A12.


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