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10-Gbit/s Optical Transceiver Reaches 40 km Without A Repeater

The PT765F-81-2TD has quite a reach. This multisource agreement (MSA) XFP optical transceiver can run at 10 Gbits/s over a range of 40 km—all without a repeater. Developed by NeoPhotonics, it can handle any data format between 9.95 and 10.75 Gbits/s, suiting it for Sonet OC-192, SDH STS-64, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and 10G Fibre Channel applications.

Its 1550-nm electro-absorption modulated laser is compatible with single-mode fiber. Spectral width at –20 dB is only 1 nm. The receive wavelength ranges from 1290 to 1580 nm with a –16-dBm sensitivity. The transceiver's I2C bus supports enhanced real-time monitoring. And, this hot-pluggable transceiver consumes just 3.5 W.

Contact the company for pricing information.

NeoPhotonics Corp.

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