Electronic Design

10GE Transceiver Delivers Top Speed Over 25-m Copper Link

The MY3124 XAUI-to-XAUI (10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interfaces) bus retiming transceiver implements 10-Gbit/s Ethernet (10GE) over a copper link. Typical applications include stackable switches, chassis-to-chassis, and switch-to-server system interconnections. It features eight independent serial interface channels with programmable data rates from 1 to 3.1875 Gbits/s. The design is based on the IEEE 802.3ak (10GBASE CX4) draft standard. The link may be cable up to 25 meters, or up to 70 inches on an FR4 copper backplane. The chip can also be used in 1X, 2X, and 10X Fibre Channel and InfiniBand applications. Samples are available now, with pricing in the $50 range for high volume.

Mysticom Inc.
www.mysticom.com; (650) 210-8080

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