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16-Bit SONET Transmitter/Receiver Chipset Debuts

For SONET/SDH/ATM-based transmission systems and dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) applications, the S3043 transmitter chip and S3044 receiver chip form a 16-bit fully integrated chipset that supports 2.4-GHz SONET OC-48 standards. The S3043 transmitter with on-chip clock synthesis PLL components allow use of a 155-MHz external transmit reference clock for use as the front end of SONET equipment, which consists primarily of the serial transmit interface and the serial receive interface. The S3044 16-bit receiver solution performs all necessary serial-to-parallel and framing functions in conformance with SONET/SDH transmission standards; it also provides the first stage of digital processing of a receive SONET STS-48 bit-serial stream. The low jitter LVPECL interface of both devices complies with the bit-error rate requirements of Bellcore, ANSI and ITU-T standards.

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