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20-Mbps Interface Transceivers Enhance WAN Serial Ports

The SP506 and SP507 are 20-Mbps, software-programmable, multi-protocol interface transceivers designed specifically for WAN serial ports used in networking equipment, such as routers, switches, gateways and access devices. The SP506 delivers 20-Mbps transmission rates in a configuration that uses a 4-bit driver/receiver address decoder. It contains seven drivers and receivers that can be configured for many interface standards, including: RS-232, EIA-530, V.35, V.36, RS-485, EIA-530A, X.21, RS-449 and RS-422.The SP507 makes use of a 3-bit driver/receiver address decoder and also delivers 20-Mbps data rates with support for seven different interface standards. Both transceivers comply with NET1/NET2 and TBR2 PHY layer requirements.

Company: SIPEX CORP. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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