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2.4-GHz Transceivers Now Run Application Code

A new feature called User Code allows designers using the XE24S 2.4-GHz transceiver (see the Figure) to run remote monitoring applications on the transceiver's communications controller. This eliminates the need for a microcontroller at the remote node, reducing system cost and complexity. User Code feature is made possible because the Xecom Inc. transceiver incorporates the Texas Instruments MSP430 F148 to control communications functions, which do not require the microcontroller's full capabilities. User Code taps into the device's unused functionality to run the remote monitoring applications.

Xecom reserved 8 kbytes of flash memory space to store user-generated code. A User Code Developer's CD provides the tools needed to tap into the controller without interfering with its communications responsibilities. The CD includes development tools, a listing of available system calls, and User Code examples of common system functions. The User Code feature is aimed at applications that use the six I/O lines on the XE24S transceiver. These applications include remote monitoring functions such as irrigation controls or fluid tank monitoring, plus automated meter reading, security systems, and medical diagnostics. The User Code Developer's tools will be included as part of the XE24S Development Kits, which are available for all variations of the transceiver.


The XE24S Development Kits and the separate User Code Developer's CD are available now.


Each XE24S Development Kit costs $295. The User Code Developer's CD alone costs $49.


Visit www.xecom.com.

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