Wireless Systems Design

2G Chipset Is Designed For Networked Home Entertainment

The second-generation WLANPlus chipset from Metalink Ltd. is a high-throughput wireless LAN technology that complies with the draft IEEE 802.11n document and is specifically optimized for the networked home entertainment environment. The chipset goes beyond previous solutions, which are designed primarily to transport data, and addresses the more rigorous demands of the consumer electronics market. It supports the optional specifications of the 802.11n standard with functionality that is critical for the streaming of HDTV signals throughout the home (three MPEG2 HDTV streams at 60 Mbits/s with whole home coverage at 60 ft.).

The chipset accommodates both 2.4- and 5-GHz systems. In accordance with the drafts for 802.11n Wi-Fi certification, it complies with 802.11a/b/g-based legacy devices, as well as 802.11h (radar detection), 802.11i (security), and 802.11e (Quality of Service). It also supports optional features as well as proprietary algorithms to meet the critical demands required for multimedia applications that require superior bandwidth and the lowest possible jitter, latency, and packet loss. Included is full implementation of an integrated media access controller (MAC), which dramatically reduces the required processing power and memory allocation from the host processor. Metalink offers several reference designs for the second-generation chipset, including Mini PCI (type IIIB), CardBus, and Residential Gateways. For more information, visit www.metalinkbb.com.

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