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352-Pin SBGA Switches Data Streams At From OC-48 To Granular T1 Speeds

Serving to raise the bar on degree of integration and flexibility for cross-connect devices, the PX4800 Viti-48 is a single-chip implementation of a single-stage, non-blocking switch for cross-connecting virtual tributaries (VTs) or tributary units (TUs) across full OC-48 data streams. The Viti chip is being touted as a critical component for the new generation of multi-service switches supporting OC-48 to granular T1, E1, T3 and E3 data streams for grooming and aggregation operations at the edge of metro optical networks. The chip can also be cascaded to support an OC-192 stream with any channelization down to 0.5 Mbps granularity. Viti-48 is said to supply complete flexibility as regards the switching of any column in the SONET/SDH input data stream, along with the standard payload increments of VT1.5, VT2.0, etc. The device can perform non-blocking switching between sixteen STS-3 or four STS-12 input streams to obtain sixteen STS-3 or four STS-12 outputs streams. Pricing for the PX4800 Viti-48 in 352-pin SBGA packages rated over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C is $450 each/1,000.


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