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600 W GaN on SiC Power Transistor Optimized For Pulsed Avionics

600 W GaN on SiC Power Transistor Optimized For Pulsed Avionics

Matched GaN on SiC RF power transistor for pulsed avionics operates over 1030-1090 MHz bandwidth, provides 600 W output power, 21.4 dB of gain(typical) and 63% efficiency.

Macom, MAGX-001090-600L00 is a gold-metalized, internally-matched ceramic GaN on SiC HEMT RF power transistor optimized for pulsed avionics applications, such as secondary surveillance radar in air traffic control systems. Providing 600 W of output power with a typical 21.4 dB of gain and 63% efficiency, the transistor also has low thermal resistance of 0.05 0C/W and a load mismatch tolerance of 5:1. Operating over the 1030-1090 MHz bandwidth, the power transistor has the lowest pulse droop of 0.2 dB, and can be used effectively under more demanding Mode-S ELM operating conditions. MACOM’s GaN transistor technology has been fully qualified with accelerated, high-temperature lifetime tests and this device has a predicted MTTF of over 600 years at a maximum junction temperature of 200 0C. The 0.5 micron HEMT transistor also boasts higher breakdown voltages, superior power density, and higher and broader frequency operation than silicon. Evaluation boards of the MAGX-001090-600L00 RF power transistor are available from stock.


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