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Active Termination Device Eyes High-Speed Bus Apps

Representing a non-linear terminator integrated circuit, the PACNLT101 device is designed to minimize noise and reflections in high-frequency digital systems. Reflections on high-speed data lines lead to voltage overshoot disturbances, which result in noise and possible data loss or improper system operation. To combat this, PACNLT101 employs a fundamentally different technology as compared to traditional methods, which use resistors or Schottky diodes for data bus termination. Designed to provide effective termination performance under variable loading and supply conditions, the device supports up to 16 terminated lines per package. A typical application may use four devices to replace 64 conventional Schotkky diode pairs, improving the termination characteristics and providing significant reductions in component and assembly costs, among other benefits. Applications include PCs,/servers, workstations, computer mainframes, and cellular infrastructure and telecomm switching systems. The PACNLT101 also works well on memory buses in which the loading of transmission lines varies as a function of the number of memory modules inserted. The non-linear characteristics of the device make it somewhat self-compensating in such applications. It is available in a miniature 24-pin QSOP and costs $1.50 each/10,000.


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