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ADPCM IC Eyes Wireless And PBX Applications

The AT1004 IC combines a four full-duplex channels of G.726 Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) speech compression, conferencing, echo cancellation, switching and on-chip time slot assignment targeting for PBX wire or wireless applications. It can provide conferencing arrangement for up to six persons and has special overflow treatment when many sources of voice samples add together, thus retaining good voice quality. The device has near-end echo cancellation with gain of -28 dB. The on-chip, programmable and flexible time slot assignment can be varied for flexible switching between any two T1 inputs and two T1 outputs with ADPCM/PCM signals. The AT1004 provides direct interface frame synchronization signals with multi-Combos (codecs) to eliminate the need to generate such signals externally for interfacing with codecs. Th IC comes in a 28-pin SOP package.


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