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Airbee, ZMD Team Up To Deliver 900 MHz ZigBee Technology

Airbee Wireless and Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden (ZMD) recently joined forces to provide ZigBee-compliant and ZigBee-based network protocol stacks with ZMD’s newest RF transceiver.

The duo is now integrating the Airbee-ZigBee Network Software (ZNS) stack with ZMD's ZMD44102, a sub-1 GHz 802.12.4-compliant RF transceiver. The ZMD44102 operates in the 868 MHz European and 915 MHz American license-free bands, and uses DSS to deliver data communication at 20 kbits/s in the European band and 40 kbits/s in the American band.

The collaboration will enable integrators and OEMs deploying ZigBee wireless sensor networks to access the ZMD44102 radio at 900 MHz in conjunction with the Texas Instruments MSP430-1612. Airbee said that by teaming up with ZMD, the duo would be able to offer a ready-made platform for integrators and OEMs looking for turnkey 900 MHz ZigBee solutions requiring extended range and robust performance.

A complete reference design with the TI MSP430-1612 will be integrated.

For more information, visitwww.airbeewireless.com or www.zmd.de.

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