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AlGaAs Pin Diode Extends Bandwidth For New Applications

PIN diodes are widely used as antenna switches and as switches in phase-shifter applications for phased arrays, radar, and broadband instrumentation. Silicon beam lead devices dominate the market.

Now, M/A-COM's MA4AGFCP910 aluminum-gallium-arsenide (AlGaAs) flip-chip diode boosts performance over a wider range of frequencies. Made with M/A-COM's heterojunction anode technology, this diode has an on resistance that's up to 25% lower than conventional GaAs devices.

The MA4AGFCP910 features a bandwidth of 0.1 to 50 GHz, which includes mm-wave (millimeter) signals. The diode can be used in multipole switch applications. It also offers significant circuit tuning advantages because of its ultra-low reverse bias capacitance and inductance. Typical values are 0.5 nH and 18 fF (femtofarads, or 10­15 F), and on resistance is typically 5.2 (omega).

With its low capacitance, standard +5-V TL gate drivers can provide a typical switching speed of 3 ns in mm-wave control circuits. The insertion loss is a low 0.4 dB at 15 mA, with 8 dB of isolation at 0 V at 50 GHz.

Available now, the MA4AGFCP910 costs about $2 each in 100,000-unit quantities.

M/A-COM Inc. www.macom.com

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