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All-CMOS Bluetooth Chip Is Ready For Integration Into Mobile Phones

The BCM2002X CMOS Bluetooth radio chip has been designed specifically for use in mobile phones. The device further extends the Bluetonium line, accommodating third-generation W-CDMA, GSM, GPRS, and CDMA mobile handsets. With this radio transceiver, mobile phone manufacturers reportedly can add Bluetooth functionality to their products with a minimal amount of development time and resources. Using a fractional N-frequency generation technology, the BCM2002X eliminates the need for a dedicated Bluetooth reference crystal, providing a lower bill of materials while eliminating an additional source of RF noise. The chip can be used with Bluetooth baseband circuitry present in the mobile device's main baseband chip, or with any of the company's Bluetooth baseband chipsets. The CMOS Bluetooth radio and baseband transceiver chips are sampling today to early access partners. BCM2002X radio development systems, test software and support for integration with other products are also currently available.


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