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Alliance Drives Adoption Of Connected Media Devices

Trumpeted as the world’s first Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA), a number of the market’s prominent streaming-media companies have joined together to create a unique industry forum with the goal of developing and promoting a set of open, interoperable standards and device profiles in order to maximize growth of a global consumer market in Internet-connected media devices.

One of the prime activities of the IMDA will be to define a series of end-to-end technical standards, functions, and profiles to encourage the development of a wide range of Internet media devices. Other objectives include the promotion of Internet-connected device technology to consumers and retailers both within and outside the IMDA.

Membership is open to consumer electronics OEMs, retailers, radio broadcasters, content aggregators, online music service providers, device manufacturers, and technology providers. IMDA currently includes companies such as vTuner, BBC, Frontier Silicon, PURE, Global Radio, Reciva, AwoX, Orange (France Telecom), TerraTec, and Audiovox.


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