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Alliance Eyes IoT with New Industrial-Based Ethernet Standards

Alliance Eyes IoT with New Industrial-Based Ethernet Standards

Enhanced support for Ethernet standards in the industrial community prompted the AVnu Alliance to create an industrial market segment. Specifically, standards associated with the evolution of audio video bridging (AVB) into time sensitive networking (TSN) will be the main focus of the consortium, which welcomes three new members: Belden, General Electric, and National Instruments. Other members include Broadcom, Cisco, Intel, Interval Zero, Marvell, Micrel, Vitesse, Xilinx, and XMOS.

The AVnu Alliance is responsible for guiding the specification for new applications to simplify the design engineer’s product-building process. Furthermore, the Alliance will drive interoperability and certification of networked devices to help ensure the deployment of reliable solutions. With the new capabilities defined by the impending standards, high-speed closed-loop control networks could support any Ethernet device using standard IT components.

The standards will help create the necessary foundation for Internet of Things (IoT) integration into industrial production. TSN technology delivers the necessary high-speed data-transfer rates and high-accuracy time synchronization for standard Ethernet communication in industrial applications. The Alliance previously announced support for TSN’s use in automotive applications, including drive-by-wire and autonomous driving. 

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