Electronic Design

Analog/Mixed-Signal Trends

  • HDTV needs amplifiers, data converters, and matrix switches to handle legacy analog content.
  • New analog/mixed-signal chips cost less, use less power, and meet dual-supply specs while running off a single, lower-voltage supply rail.
  • WiMAX defines new RF-mixer requirements, but as
  • GSM evolves, it needs new mixer designs too.
  • In the U.S., new regulations that let regional Bell operating companies compete with cable to deliver video create new opportunities for ICs, enabling RF overlay on new fiber-to-the home.
  • HDTV on cell phones? Delivery approaches vary, and real-time live-content delivery could double the number of pico basestations—at least in Japan.
  • Not all drivers are consumer-related. A 22-bit ADC resolution means digital X-rays trump film. Meanwhile, per-system demand for converters in medical imaging quadruples. Chip size and power consumption must shrink accordingly.
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